RPMG History

RPMG was founded in Minnesota by two producer ethanol plants who wanted to gain economies of scale in marketing their ethanol production. Established in 1996, we increased to five plants by the year 2000 and have experienced steady growth ever since. Today, we are working with a staff of more than 40 employees and marketing ethanol for 19 plants producing 2 billion gallons annually.

In 2008, co-product marketing was added to the business. We currently market DDG for 12 plants producing in excess of 2.2 million tons annually, and market corn oil for 15 plants producing 430 million pounds annually.

We also started a new flat pricing program in 2010 along with the addition of bio-diesel marketing in 2011.

In 2020, RPMG launched 2 new product lines--High Purity USP grade ethanol for use in non-fuel markets and High Protein Products used in animal feed.