It's not only about the things we provide,
but the manner in which we provide them.

RPMG provides marketing and supply services to our members and marketing partners. Ethanol marketing, co-products marketing, and a denaturant group buying program make up our core services. We also have state of the art logistics management, inventory management, RINS management and support services. Our superior market reputation and strong customer relationships make us a trusted, respected player in the ethanol industry.

At RPMG we work diligently to leverage our strengths and further our growth by providing additional services that coincide with the industry’s evolution. This is evident in our addition of co-product (DDGs and corn oil) marketing in 2008, a flat-pricing option, new international export division in 2010, and the start up of bio-diesel in the summer of 2011, all allowing for an even wider range of business. We will continue to embrace changes in the industry while basing our foundation firmly in the roots of our founding principles:

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  • Transparency
  • Professionalism
  • Strong Partnerships
  • Open Communication
  • Consistent, thorough and reputable service