At RPMG, we pride ourselves in long, steady relationships with the ethanol industry and its counterparts. As a result of our consistent performance in the past and our current forward-thinking business structure, our customers will never be caught short on the ethanol component of their gasoline. We demonstrate solid execution in providing high net-backs and are efficient with all of our documentation, such as RINS, CI Values, Exports, and more. We are cognizant of plants inventory levels, and we utilize relationships with our logistics partners so we are not the bottle neck at the plant and turn your inventory into cash.

  • With our flexible delivery capabilities, we can deliver nationwide to any terminal by any means at almost any time. This includes rail direct, truckloads, rack authorizations, barge loading or delivery, terminal tank transfers and vessel loading.
  • With our large number of logistically diverse plants we have the ability to fill in logistical gaps and create efficiencies where necessary.
  • Our seasoned logistics team is known for its great attitude and being available to help with customer issues.
  • We offer a well-structured and respected compliance team (RINS, LCFS, undenatured, exports, licensing and safety).
  • Our efficient accounting practices ensure customers receive prompt, accurate paperwork.
  • Our superior reputation for execution and performance stands on its own. Market confidence is a must, and we deliver with ease.
  • Because of our long history of performance execution, we are proud to be the industry’s first call.
  • As biofuel markets continue to evolve so do pricing structures. RPMG keeps pace and executes multiple pricing mechanisms to offer our customers important pricing flexibility.