ALTIPRO 50% Protein Feed Ingredient

ALTIPRO 50% Protein Feed Ingredient - A high protein feed ingredient created for
animals today and into the future. This
50% protein product provides highly
bioavailable amino acids and minerals. ALTIPRO™ is an innovative
alternative fermented corn protein technology made for today’s animals.

ALTIPRO 50% Protein Feed - the more ingredients we have to formulate animal diets, the more resilient animal agriculture becomes. ALTIPRO™ adds one more tool for producers, nutritionists, and formulators to use in building this resiliency.

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David Pascoe, PhD

Senior Nutritionist

Jim Stoos

Product Line Manager

Product Application

Product Application

An alternative protein for use in swine, poultry, dairy, aqua, and pets (dog, cat, equine).


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